The amazing story of the Titanic begins 13 miles under sea-level. The Titanic was only 963 miles northeast of New York, which is well over the half way point. They were close to land but still too far for any recuse boats to make it in time.

Titanic stern is located at 41o43'35" N, 49o56'54" W


When did the Titanic Sink

The Titanic sank on April 4, 2011 at 11:40pm and was on the sea bed around 2:20am. A 100 year anniversary took place in 2012 to remember all the souls lost on that dreadful day.


Where exactly did the Titanic Sink

The neatest land was actually Newfoundland, Canada and they were only about 400 miles away. Of course, even recuse boats from here could still not reach the Titanic in time. Titanic was on its own for several hours. However Titanic Sank within three hours. Two hours after the sinking of Titanic, Carpathia arrived to pick up 705 survivors. Titanic carried 1,517 passengers and crew members

The Titanic was found on the ocean floor about 13.5 miles away from their last known location. The wreckage of the Titanic was spreed over a half mile. The reason for the distance is most like the currents at the time which was moving the ship southeastward and as the ship was coming apart sections of the ship were being carried.


Ocean Currents in 1911 shows a eastward motion

Ocean Currents in 1911

The orange lines indicates the ocean currents in 1911 and just to the east of New York, you can see the current moving in an eastward motion and this is one of the reasons why the ship was spreed across the ocean floor. She is about 12,600 feet, 2 miles, below sea level. To give you a comparison, the United States Rocky Mountains is about 14,440 feet high. That s just 200 feet telling then the depth of the Titanic. At those depths the waters are extremely cold and highly pressurized, that is why missions to visit Titanic are rare.

Unlike the movie, it is unknown why Titanic hit the iceberg. In James Cameron movie, the Titanic sank for two reasons. One, The Titanic was trying to make it quicker to New York and secondly because the watchmen crew members were not actually watching the seas but instead were worried about the cold temperatures.